The Dream Team

Scott Sensenbrenner
President & CEO
On the weekends you'll often find Scott sailing, and he stays healthy the old-fashioned way, with diet & exercise. Scott is also proud to serve on the Strategic Advisory Board of the American Nutrition Association®.
Paul Davison
Chief Revenue Officer
Paul took the long way to a career in supplements, arriving via paratrooping & reality TV. If you can’t reach him, he’s probably out hiking in the Santa Monica mountains.
Ryan Sensenbrenner
Director of Trade Marketing
You'll be surprised to find out Ryan can play 15 different instruments, but saxophone will always be closest to his heart. Dedicated to the natural industry, Ryan also serves on the Board of the SENPA Natural Industry Alliance.
Monica Andrichak
Director of Marketing Operations
Despite being just 5’2”, Monica is a seasoned basketball player. She also makes a mean Chinese dumpling. She’ll never leave home without Digest Gold +Probiotics and Heartburn Relief to eat with freedom.
Matthew Palomares
VP of Marketing
Jim Scott
Director of Customer Success
A master griller, Jim is always looking to improve his BBQ skills. Not surprisingly, Lypo Gold is always in his back pocket to help him digest those tasty ribs!
Leonid Coloma
Director of International Sales
Passionate traveler and life explorer. Avid in languages, he creates solid bonds with people. Getting out of his comfort zone is one of his every day goal Passionate about football and all sports, he enjoys being in the action. He often says: "let's change the world one person at a time".
Michelle Le Beau
Director of Administration
Michelle loves cooking so much, she wrote a whole cookbook for people with food intolerances. Exercise, Digest Gold and practicing gratitude are some of her favorite ways to stay healthy every day.
Theresa Blanchard
A fan of anything outdoors, Theresa loves hiking, gardening, kayaking & exploring. When it comes to healthy living, you'll find her at her favorite hot yoga studio.
Becky Dattani
Director of Enzyme Science
Travelling all over Europe, Becky suggests that everyone visit Italy at least once. While her "day job" is enzymes, she's also a compassionate certified Doula and loves helping new life come into the world!
Doug Kinsey
Director of Sales, Western U.S.
While Doug enjoys all sports, including skiing & hiking, you'll most likely find him cheering on Packers football. Passionate about improving the lives of others, he is a huge advocate for People & Planet initiatives.
Bob Jankowski
Art Director
He may live in Florida now, but you'll still hear Bob's Boston accent come through. While he played semi-pro baseball in college, he's a softy-at-heart.
Julia Craven
VP of Education & Innovation
Julia has invested her life studying and educating on all modalities of natural healing. You’ll usually find her on the yoga mat or the trail with her pack of rescue dogs
Michelle Taksen
Director of Marketing
As a lifelong marketeer, Michelle’s home is in the natural products industry. She finds life balance with tennis, golf, yoga, cooking and puzzles. Her heart is especially reflected in our People & Planet mission.
Christopher Dion
VP of Sales, Strategic Accounts
His love for music led him to take up guitar as a hobby, but Christopher also is passionate about health & sustainability. He counts on Lypo Gold at those times when he needs it most.
Yasmyn Maccaroni
VP of Sales, Natural Retail
Yasmyn is a natural products industry lifer, having grown up in her parents' health food store. She’ll never leave home without Digest Gold and takes Aqua Biome every day.